Real Event: A Dreamy Pastel Celebration - Christina C Events' Second Bundle of Joy!

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  • Sept. 27, 2023



Table Decor: A Symphony of Soft Pastels

Welcoming a new life into the world is always a cause for celebration, and when it comes to throwing a baby shower, Christina C Events knows how to make it a truly magical experience. On September 23rd 2023, family and close friends gathered at The Feathers Hotel to shower Christina and her growing family with love and excitement for their second bundle of joy. The event was absolutely stunning, with pastel hues taking center stage in every aspect of the decor.

Table Decor: A Symphony of Soft Pastels

The table decor at Christina's baby shower was nothing short of a pastel dream. Soft, muted colors in blush pinks, pale yellows, seafoam green and shades of purples adorned the table, creating a magical atmosphere.

Pastel-Coloured Florals: A Gorgeous Arrangement of Blooms

The highlight of the decor was undoubtedly the breathtaking florals. Delicate blooms in a range of soft colours and textures, gave a touch of Alice in Wonderland vibes. The two large arrangements created by Christina herself, showcased her pure talent and attention for detail.

A Personal Touch: A3 Placemats with Guest Names

Each guest was welcomed with a thoughtful touch - personalised A3 placemats featuring their names elegantly scripted in the chosen pastel palette. This not only added a personal element to the event but also served as a wonderful keepsake for the guests to cherish.

Pastel Pink Napkins: Tied with a Ribbon of Love

The attention to detail was truly commendable, right down to the napkins. Pastel pink napkins were lovingly tied with delicate ribbons, serving as a testament to the care and consideration put into every aspect of the event.

The Focal Point: A Vintage Heart-Shaped Cake

A special surprise for Christina was having a dear friend and Owner of Cupcakes with Benefits, create a vintage heart-shaped cake for the day. The white chocolate and raspberry filled cake was decorated in the same soft pastel hues throughout the events decor.

The Perfect Venue: The Feathers Hotel

Set against the backdrop of the charming Feathers Hotel, the baby shower took on an intimate and welcoming ambiance in the Pavilion room. The charm of the venue complimented the event perfectly, providing a unique contrast to the whimsical decor, creating a truly memorable experience for all in attendance.

Christina’s baby shower was a testament to the power of thoughtful planning and attention to detail. From the pastel-colored decor to the personalised touches, every element was carefully chosen to create a day filled with love and cherished memories.

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